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President: Kathy Gregoire

Vice President: Mike Knott - Chair, Events Committee

Secretary: Andy Kehe

Treasurer: Gary “Rocky” Rothrock - Chair, Jam Committee

Dot Grubb – Chair, Membership Committee

Nina Vacante - Webmaster and Chair, Newsletter Committee

Greg Hogg - Chair, IBC Committee

John Rignani - Chair, Merchandise Committee

Buster Grubb - Chair, Bylaws Committee

Virginia “Mom” Ivanoff – Member-at-Large

Hannah Sherman – Member-at-Large

Sherman Smith – Member-at-Large

Rocky Woodling – Member-at-Large

BSCP Meeting Schedule:

Board Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm.

General Membership Meetings are held at the yearly Treasurer's Picnic and at the BSCP Christmas Party. Please watch our Blues Events page on this website for future dates for these two events. All items for the General Membership Meeting must be submitted to Gary “Rocky” Rothrock prior to each meeting.

BSCP Bylaws – Updated August 2010


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